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Bologna in autumn 2019 – exhibitions part 2

In a second tour, we visited six more exhibitions of the autumn season in Bologna. Most of them are still ongoing. Although the variety of artists and techniques is comparable to the exhibitions of the first round, the presented shows are more minimalistic in the second part, self-evidently with exceptions.   Galleria de’ Foscherari: Mario… (read more)

Elyse Galiano & Donatella Lombardo – Fil rouge (Red Thread)

Contemporanea 2, Florence, Italy 12 – 27 April 2018 For the exhibition, “Fil Rouge” the Florence gallerist Antonio Lo Pinto invited Elyse Galiano and Donatella Lombardo, two artists with different backgrounds. However, there are common things in the works of both. Formally, the two artists are using – inter alia – textile and thread…. (read more)

Arte Fiera 2017 – part 2: Special attention to 17 booths

The facts: 41. Edition: 27 – 30 January 2017 – 178 Exhibitors – 153 Galleries – 48.000 visitors … read more   In the first part of our Arte Fiera review, we described basic conditions of this year’s art fair in Bologna. With regard to the curatorship, we will present in the following some stands,… (read more)

Artwork of the month / February 2017

Partitura n.1 (Score Nr. 1) Donatella Lombardo 2016 Digital print on linen, needles, coloured thread, bobbins, plexiglass, adhesive paper, polyurethane padding, threaded screws 48 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm incl. 3 bobbins The base of “Partitura n.1” by Donatella Lombardo is an upholstered segmental arch, with a white linen surface. Printed on it… (read more)