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Margaret Michel

Born in New York (1955), her childhood was dominated by extensive travels to Africa, Hawaii and Europe. Later, Margaret studied art history at the George Mason University, Virginia (USA) and at the École du Louvre, Paris, France. In parallel she was a student of drawing and sculpture at the American Centre in Paris under Gregory Masurovsky and Cyril Heck.

Back in the USA Margaret was trained in metal casting at the School of Fine Arts in Metal foundry San Jose, California (USA), worked as assistant from David Middlebrook in Iowa (USA) and as assistant of James Turrel in Arizona (USA). Moreover, she taught at the Ohlone College in the San Francisco Bay area.

She had numerous personnel and group exhibitions in the USA and Europe, inter alia at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Artists Gallery, and Rollo Contemporary Art, London as well as an extensive solo show at the Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain in Nice (France). Besides several awards, Margaret attended many residences. Since 1998 she lives and works in Vallauris (France) and is currently represented by RH Contemporary Art in New York.

“Our universe is in movement whether in microscopic transformation or in the constant expansion of the cosmos. I treat this entity, movement as a subject, observing it, creating it. With the objects available to me I mimic certain processes, thought associations, logical deduction, absurd and chaotic situations as well as the natural movements of the elements and the unrelenting rhythms of time.” Margaret Michel

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