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ARTIFICIALIS was originally a French association with the objective to support the contemporary art production. Founded in 2006 by Astrid Gallinat and Stephan Goseberg in cooperation with the German artist group FEHLSTELLE, it initiated and supported art events in and nearby Vallauris (France). Furthermore, Astrid published artist interviews and articles about exhibitions and art projects on the association website (now still visible in the archive).

In 2014 Astrid and Stephan moved to Bologna, Italy. In consequence, the French association was closed down. Since January 2015 ARTIFICIALIS is back on the web: first only on Facebook, but since summer as well with its own, new website. Here you can find impressions about art events, especially in Bologna. This might be about exhibitions in galleries and museums, but as well photo documentations from other art projects. In addition, you’ll find every month (except in holidays) the presentation of the artwork of the month, as photo or video, a text and a small CV about the artist.

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