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Rebecca Ballestra

Born 1974 in Ventimiglia, Italy, († August 2020) Rebecca studied Fine Arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Florence. Her works are shown all over the world in personal and group exhibitions, galleries and art fairs, public and private collections. She was awarded with several international prizes in the United States, Korea, France, Monaco and Italy and held lectures and participated at symposiums in several European countries.

Since 2003 Rebecca went nearly every year to a residency in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and Latin America. Difficult to say if one of her great subjects “Journey” is the original of her travels or if her numerous voyages inspire the subject. In any case her works are dealing with “meditation of history, traditions and ancient customs in different countries” as “an instrument to escape Eurocentric perspective and to offer to the public a new point of active observation and criticism.” (Rebecca’s statement on her website)

The result of her many sojourns are often site and context specific projects, like the last undertaking: the two-year lasting “Journey into fragility” ( Based on Massimo Morasso’s “Manifesto for the Earth and Man” Rebecca conceived twelve different projects in twelve different countries, which resulted in a permanent installation on the Isola della Certosa, Venice, inaugurated in May 2015.

In addition, the double personal show “Journey into Fragility and La Parole des Anges” with Julien Fiedler, was held at the Palazzo Molin, San Marco, Venice in 2015.

The exhibition, where the “5 minutes free zone” was integrated, was “The truth of the labyrinth”, a dialog in between Rebecca’s and Julien Fiedler’s works. It was presented in the Galleria SPAZIO TESTONI, also in 2015.


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