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Patricia Lascabannes

Born 1962 in Bordeaux, France, Patricia was fascinated by photography at the early age of 12. Nevertheless, at that time she didn’t think of making her passion a profession. First, she worked in various domains. It was in 1989, when she arrived at the Côte d’Azur, her vocation called her. She had the opportunity to photograph concerts at the Festival de Jazz in Juan-les-Pins and the International Cannes Film Festival.

The Régates Royales in Cannes 1990 showed her a specific direction. First, absolutely unfamiliar to the nautical world, Patricia fell in love with classic sailing boats. This passion was confirmed during different regional regattas and in particular at the “Nioulargue” in the Gulf of St Tropez. In taking this path as her professional direction, she can satisfy her affinity for travelling and meeting people at the same time as following her talent. Consequently, she also took pictures in other areas of the Mediterranean, in the Caribbean and the Atlantic, always aiming on boats and water. Besides, she undertook several journeys into the Algerian desert.

Patricia cooperates with many specialised journals, creates books, calendars and makes editions of her photos finding their admirers around the world. She had exhibitions and participated in photograph festivals in France but also in Antigua, West Indies. During her career, she was awarded by being selected to provide the photos for several posters of regattas, inter alia in 2009 for the Régates Royales in Cannes, 19 years after her first steps into the nautical world. In 2015, she was photographer of the year, selected by the AFYT (Association Française des Yacht de Tradition/French Association for Classic Yachts) with a photo of a regatta at the coast of Menton, France, showing in the background an impressive forest fire. Once again, she had the intuition to shoot in the right moment. Since 2018, her solo exhibition “Eaux – Mer” travelled several venues, starting at the Hôtel Royal of Antibes, France, arriving in Cannes in 2019, after other exhibitions in the region. Our artwork of the month September 2018 was presented in the context of the name giving series.

Although Patricia’s primary focus is the maritime photography, she shot portraits, cars, domestic interiors, landscapes and plants. All these photos have in common, that her professional eye guides her to find the right picture section with the best lightning. In the moving world, she finds the right moment to express the atmosphere of the situation. When she introduces coloured elements, they accentuate the composition. Recently, she even approached architecture. An example is our artwork of the month March 2024, where she featured the staircase of a lighthouse.

Patricia lives and works in Vallauris, France.

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