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Karla Higueros

Born in 1970 in Guatemala, Karla Higueros worked ten years in advertising and made her own artistic creations. Then she decided to dedicate her live entirely to fine arts and especially to her abstract paintings.

In her studio in La Antigua – the former capital of Guatemala in the time of Spanish colonialisation – she is surrounded by the rich Mayan culture and the indomitable nature of active volcanoes. Both are reference points, which find their reflexion in Karla’s paintings. She often uses radiant colours, well known from traditional textiles and artworks. Besides the colours, she appropriates sand for her oeuvre. Sand is the element coming constantly from the nearby volcanoes.

Other components are more immaterial, like emotions, spirituality and dreams. They find their expression, after a carefully consideration and a dialogue between the material and the artist during the process of creation, on large-sized canvas. Another module is the light that is inherent in most of the pictures. Every sentiment has its own and unique light, shaped by the arrangement of colours and forms, frequently supported by the structure giving sand.

Although, Karla’s inspiration is rooted in her geographic neighbouring and her personal inner live, the subjects are often universal. Her visual vocabulary, supported by pure natural colours without artificial adjustments, addresses the viewers inside. Therefore, her paintings found their way in many personal and group exhibitions in Guatemala, but as well in the United States, France and the Netherlands. Moreover, they are represented in private collections in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, the United States, Canada, Germany and Guatemala.

Karla lives and works in La Antigua, Guatemala.

Artwork of the month / November 2016