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Marina Paris

Born in 1965 in Sassoferrato, Italy, Marina Paris worked from the end 1990s for twenty years in a studio which she shared with other artists. It was a huge space with a lot of different materials, where she could realise installations, big drawings and sculptures. Moreover, it was a location of encounter and exchange with other artists, gallerists and curators. This time had an impact on her artistic practice and her use of various media. Besides the already stated, photography and video are other elements, combined with a particular interest in architecture, to reflect on space and the relationship between human being and environment.

Two years ago, Marina moved to a smaller studio, less agitated, but more intimate for concentration and reflexion. However, she continues to take her inspiration from a wall, where she collects photos, drawings, sketches, postcards and much more. Still, her artistic research is focussed on space. The outcome might be site-specific installations, photographed locations or like in her series “Urban Fragments” old postcards from various places in Italy. All of these collages have titles referring to geographic maps. One of these, “Fiume dell’Amazzonia” (River of the Amazon) from 2019, is our artwork of the month of June 2023.

Since many years, Marina frequently has solo exhibitions in galleries and art spaces, mostly in Italy, but also in Lyon, Saint-Étienne and Prague. With her participations in many group shows, her artworks travelled also to Switzerland, Poland and Serbia and beyond the European Continent to Canada, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Thailand, Japan and China. She held lectures at the Cornell University, Giunty Academy, ISFCI – Istituto Superiore di Fotografia (all in Rome), at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Macerata and in the Parkview Museum in Beijing, China, to name a few. Moreover, she was selected for the residence “Artist Exchange Program“ at the Tashkeel Art Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2008. For her video-animation “Less than five Minutes” she was awarded with the International Film Critics Award of the Laura Filmfestival, July Galleria Vallesanta Levanto – Bonassola, Italy in 2011.

Marina lives and works in Rome.