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Biennale di Venezia 2015: Three artistic approaches to conditions of labour

On November 22nd the 56th Biennale di Venezia will close its doors: Time to start a little reflexion about what is shown. Okwui Enwezor curated the international art exhibition under the title “All the World’s Futures”. He stated in May 2015 in “The Guardian” to want a “deeply reflective, deeply political” Biennale. In this context… (read more)

Exhibition: “Volti oltre” (More than faces) Alessandra Alma Masi

24th October – 25th November 2015 Galleria B4 Via Vinazetti 4/b Bologna The cover image of the exhibition “Volti oltre” by Alessandra Alma Masi at the Galleria B4 in Bologna, Italy, is a painting that shows the English Queen. “Liz” is easily recognizable by her royal attributes: the crown, the pearl necklace, the white… (read more)

FOOD PROJECT – Giulia Bonora: Il gesso come la farina

(The plaster as the flour) The Gallleriapiù in Bologna presents this month an exceptional project: a live streaming where the public can follow the artist Giulia Bonora in cooking sculptures. Giulia takes her inspiration from an Italian recipe box of the sixties of the last century. That implies just that the recipes are simple, but… (read more)

Artwork of the month / October 2015

“5 minutes free zone” Rebecca Ballestra & Lucia Palmero 2015 Dimensions variable Solar parasol, 2 iPhones, 1 external hard disk, 2 headphones Films: Statements: 52 sec, 1 min 18 sec Documentary: Alessandro Camillo for, 30th June 2015, “Notti di frontiera Ventimiglia – Internazionale” (Night at the frontier in Ventimiglia – Intenational), 3 min 15 sec… (read more)