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Maria Savoldi

Born 1988 in Iseo, Italy, Maria studied sculpture under Davide Rivalta and graphics under Serafini Cataldo at the Accademia di Belle Arti (Academy of Fine Arts) in Bologna, Italy. Additionally, she participated at many workshops in drawing, engraving and other techniques around paperwork in Bologna, Barcelona and Bilbao, Spain. Her works are honoured by many prices and grants.

Since 2010, Maria participated in numerous group exhibitions notably in Italy, but as well in Spain, Germany and the United States. These presentations are complemented by personal and double personal shows in Bologna, Pordenone, Orbetello and Brescia, where our artwork of the month of September 2016 was installed.

Even though her initial artistic education was in sculpture, Maria set a focus on graphical arts in the following studies. In her often-expansive sculptures, the line – which was previously fixed on paper – steps out from the two dimensionality into the space in form of wire. The result are enormous sculptures, consisting of many meters, if not kilometres of wire, like in “4 Chilometri per arrivare alle 7” (4 kilometres to arrive at 7) a site-specific installation at Adiacenze, Bologna in 2014. Besides wire and other filaments, her works frequently include cement and other materials, which are set in contrast to the coldness of the metal.

Maria lives and works in Bologna.

Artwork of the month / September 2016