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Valentina D’Accardi

Born in 1985 in Bologna, Valentina D’Accardi studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti in her hometown and graduated in Visual Arts. After her diploma in 2010, the artist represented her Alma Mata with her first solo show “La regina bianca” at the Mulhouse 010 exhibition in France.

Since her early career, Valentina works with photography, completed by other media. Her artistic researches are often personnel, including archive material, drawing, video and sculptural elements. By these means, the artist recounts poetically intimate stories about her environment, her family or herself. These visions are strongly introspective, but implicate the spectator by their emotional profundity.

Besides solo exhibitions in Italy, France and Lithuania, Valentina participated in numerous group shows in her home country, but also in Slovenia, Monaco and Germany. In addition to catalogues concerning her exhibitions and projects, the artist illustrated books with her drawings and photographs. Moreover, her works were granted several prizes. Most recently, she was awarded with the 3rd classification of Camera Work, by Palazzo Rasponi 2 for her series “Düsseldorf” which is our artwork of the month of February 2021.

Valentina lives and works in Bologna, Italy.


Artwork of the month / February 2021

Fiume: A promenade at the river