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Archive for March 2015

Exhibition: FEMINA. Vita dagli abiti di Sveva Zamboni (Bologna, 1925 – 2014)

FEMINA. Life of the clothes of Sveva Zamboni (Bologna, 1925 – 2014) Fratelli Broche Exhibition at Adiacenze, Bologna, curated by Silvia Mei 20 March – 3 April 2015 The first impression entering the space of Adiacenze is to come into a vintage shop. It’s not a bad guess, because the artists of Fratelli Broche maintain… (read more)

Interview: Thyra Schmidt – I just can’t be nowhere

The exhibition “I can’t just be nowhere” by the German artist Thyra Schmidt had been shown for six weeks (09/18 – 11/01/2009) in the public space of Oslo, Norway. The large scale photos and text works on the house fronts of the city districts Oslo sentrum, Grøland and Grünerlokka had a very private character. Due… (read more)

Artwork of the month / March 2015

« 14 Tage Sonne in Südfrankreich – ab heute » (14 days of sun in the south of France – from today) Kirsten Klöckner 2014 40 cm x 30 cm Watercolour on paper G. Pf. wished this painting in the context of Kirsten Klöckners series Wunschprogramm (desired programme), part three of her project BeuteKunst (looted… (read more)