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Exhibition: Paolo Bufalini – Metamorfosi

9 – 12 June 2016 Porto dell’Arte via del Porto 34, Bologna The exhibition title “Metamorphoses” is in a double sense coherent: it is the name of the presented artwork by Paolo Bufalini, but is as well valuable for the exhibition space. “Metamorphoses”, as installation, consists of two white spheres facing each other. The… (read more)

Artwork of the month / June 2016

Blue Ink Giovanna Sarti 2014 100 cm x 87 cm Vanish and ink on canvas The painting “Blue Ink” by Giovanna Sarti is a monochrome. The main part of the surface is painted in not homogeneous blue, but there are some graphical appearing elements in white or lighter blue. There are straight and curved lines… (read more)