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10 proposals for the Arte City 2019 in Bologna

Traditionally, the end of January and the first days in February in Bologna, Italy, are dominated by a huge offer of artistic events. This year, more and more exhibitions started earlier, so that we can talk of a real art week around the oldest Italian art fair. Besides the ARTE FIERA (1 – 4 February… (read more)

2016 revisited

  In the twelve months, we presented artworks of the month by artists from seven different countries. Besides Italy, Germany and France, we were happy to present creations from Switzerland, Cuba, Guatemala and Spain. Furthermore, we reviewed numerous exhibitions and visited new exhibition spaces in Bologna. We have been at four Italian art fairs and… (read more)

ArtworkS of the month – the first six of 2016

  Before the summer break, we would like to remind you to our first six artworks of this year:     Our first step into 2016 we made with Monique Thibaudin’s “Forme Hybrinde” (Hybrind Form), which is a pacing anti-bust.         In February, Petra Warras allowed us a glance at young Cédric,… (read more)

Artwork of the month / June 2016

Blue Ink Giovanna Sarti 2014 100 cm x 87 cm Vanish and ink on canvas The painting “Blue Ink” by Giovanna Sarti is a monochrome. The main part of the surface is painted in not homogeneous blue, but there are some graphical appearing elements in white or lighter blue. There are straight and curved lines… (read more)