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MIA Fair 2023: Architecture, Trees and other Subjects

MIA Fair (Milan Image Art Fair) 23 – 26 March 2023 Superstudio Maxi, Milan The 12th edition of Italy’s oldest and most important photo fair confirmed its position with 100 exhibitors (80 % galleries), thereof 30 % from abroad. No matter whether the galleries originated in Italy, Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Serbia and… (read more)

2022 revisited

  The year 2022 was the year, where life went back to a little bit of normality, even though, there were some reminiscences to the pandemic. However, once more we could travel and appreciate artworks in real. Art fairs reopened and even the postponed Venice Biennale took place.   January Appropriate to the longing to… (read more)

ArtworkS of the Month: The first six of 2022

As usual in July, we remind the first six artworks of the month of the current year. The first half of the year was dominated by photography, since three works came from this field. However, each approach is different. Moreover, we presented a mosaic-decorated chair, an ink drawing and a text-based work. With this review,… (read more)

Artwork of the Month / February 2022

Pingyao Irene Kung 2021 Platinum Palladium Print 40 cm x 80 cm on paper 72cm x 112 cm Edition 1 of 25 The black and white photo “Pingyao” by Irene Kung shows a street in the ancient city in China. Due to the well conserved historic buildings dating from the times of the Ming and… (read more)

2016 revisited

  In the twelve months, we presented artworks of the month by artists from seven different countries. Besides Italy, Germany and France, we were happy to present creations from Switzerland, Cuba, Guatemala and Spain. Furthermore, we reviewed numerous exhibitions and visited new exhibition spaces in Bologna. We have been at four Italian art fairs and… (read more)

ArtworkS of the month – the first six of 2016

  Before the summer break, we would like to remind you to our first six artworks of this year:     Our first step into 2016 we made with Monique Thibaudin’s “Forme Hybrinde” (Hybrind Form), which is a pacing anti-bust.         In February, Petra Warras allowed us a glance at young Cédric,… (read more)

Artwork of the month / May 2016

Melo in fiore, EXPO 2015 (Flowering Apple Tree, EXPO 2015) Irene Kung 2014 100 cm x 140 cm D-print on rag paper To start the merry month of May, we’ve chosen a flowery artwork of the month, the photo “Melo in fiore” (Flowering Apple Tree) by Irene Kung. After early bloomers like snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils… (read more)