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Véronique Champollion

Born in Valence, France (1957) Véronique went to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (ENSAD) and also achieved a DEA (MA) in Modern Indian Studies on Hindi films. She has been part of diverse groups of artist self-organisations like ART MOBIL with its journal and No-made, both in the region of Nice. Furthermore, she is member of the Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques (AIAP)-Unesco, based in Monaco.

Besides painting, the artist forms reliefs and sculptures from newspapers and posters, combined with glue, fiberglass and resin. With a glance to art history, legend and fairy tales, Véronique interprets her sources astute and humorous. Favourite inspirations she takes from classical paintings for example by Botticelli or Velasquez. Her sculpture “Botticelli’s Spring” is our artwork of the month of May 2015.

During her long artistic practice, she created several Madonnas in her different techniques. There are archaic ones like a Madonna of Snow, a monumental outdoor sculpture. Others are more classical works like the Madonna with Child, our artwork of the month December 2017. In addition, these Madonnas might have contemporary references. Often the Madonnas are inspired by paintings inter alia by Giovanni Bellini.

Even though her sculptures are precious pearls by themselves, she sometimes brings them to life, in placing them into images for visual poetry stories, published as books in France, Italy and Belgium. Moreover, she contributed articles and illustrations to various journals of visual poetry.

Several Galleries in France, Italy, Monaco and the United States represent Veronique’s works. In the same countries, she had numerous personal and group exhibitions, but as well in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

A personal exhibition on fairy tales in January 2015 in Valence included an installation of a newspaper forest. Another in March and April 2015 at the Montpellier University showed many artworks inspired by Occitan literature (Troubadours, Mistral and actual poets). In 2017, Véronique participated in a group exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, where she proposed a visual dialogue between Paris and Milan, with Neapolitan interferences as installation of citations coming from paintings of the three towns.

In September 2020, Véronique participated in a group exhibition about the history of engravings in the Media Library Albert Camus in Antibes. Hence, the inspiration to engage more intensively with graphic prints. Besides many other works, she made a series of prints, in particular collagraphies for her next show. One of these works, “Satyr” is our artwork of the month in March 2021.


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