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Artwork of the month / October 2016

Heavenly Gossips Martha Jiménez Serigraphy in 62 colours 40 cm x 30 cm Ed. 3 “Heavenly Gossips” by Martha Jiménez is a coloured serigraphy. Three voluptuous women with waving hair are standing close together and take up the most of the pictorial space. They are wearing nice dresses. All three have a small ellipse floating above… (read more)

Alejandro González: “Re-constructing history”

  The artist Alejandro González shows in his photos his view at the Cuban society. Besides the contemporary look on people, he questions the past and glances as well into a possible future. In July 2016, we met him in his studio in Havana and talked about the first chapter of his series “Re-construction” (2012/13),… (read more)

Exhibition: Helene Appel – Washing Up

24 September – 5 November 2016 P420 Via Azzo Gardino, 9, off Largo Caduti del lavoro, Bologna Helene Appel’s pictorial motifs are – in contemporary painting – unusual, even though they are well known in the history of art and from our daily life. The Gallery P420 currently shows the latest works of this… (read more)