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Lucia Palmero

Born 1980 in Bordighera, Italy, Lucia decided only one year ago to dedicate herself entirely to art. Before she frequented, since 1997, the Art Academy “Riviera dei Fiori G. Balbo” in Bordighera, Italy. In addition she took classes in figure drawing of the CCL in Roquebrune Cap Martin, France from 2006 to 2008. Her teachers were Enzo Consiglio, Pino Venditti, Clarindo Bassani and Ambrogio Porcheddu. She participated in several group exhibitions in the region of Ventimiglia-Bordighera. Her works are in private collections in Monte Carlo, Torino and Ventimiglia.

Since Lucia is strongly socially committed, she sees art as a possibility to bring attention to social issues. So it is not astonishing that she was actively involved to support the stranded refugees in Ventimiglia this summer. That might be a kind of political participation as an act of artistic creation in the sense of Josef Beuys’ extended concept of art.

However, Lucia is searching to express her concerns in experimental ways of art. Actually she is working on a project that will focus to the human rights.

Artwork of the month / October 2015