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Archive for November 2015

Exhibition: Alan Maglio & Fabio Giampietro – Linea Rossa (Red Line)

21st November 2015 – 9th January 2016 Spazio Testoni Via Azeglio 50, Bologna Alan Maglio and Fabio Giampietro are two artists from Milan who have chosen different ways of their artistic expression. Alan Maglio uses photography and video for portraits and more or less documentary representations. Normally his works are colourful. Whereas Fabio Giampietro… (read more)

Exhibition: Luciano Leonotti “Rituali” (Rituals)

14th November 2015 – 9th January 2016 L’Ariete Artecontemporanea via D’Azeglio 42, Bologna Rituals are activities which follow predefined rules. Often they pursue formal and festive ceremonies with a great symbolic import. They can be of religious or secular origin. The current exhibition of the Bolognese Gallery “L’Ariete Artecontemporanea” shows the photographic view on… (read more)

Artwork of the month / November 2015

« Zeste de mer » (Zest of the sea) Marie Cagnasso 2010 100 cm x 100 cm x 20 cm Porcelain, glazed and unglazed, lacquered metal plate “Zeste de mer” is one of Marie’s creations that is part of her sculptures of landscapes, based on the idea “of conservation of something valuable that can disappear”…. (read more)