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Amélie Viale

Born in 1982 in Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, France, Amélie Viale studied applied art and interior design in Lyon. During this education, she specialised in computer graphics. Until 2019, she worked as graphic designer, but at the same time further developed her artistic oeuvre and started to expose her works. Since then, she dedicates herself completely to visual art with a focus on photography, performance and installation.

In her work, Amélie reflects on her personal experience. Thus, she is often the main protagonist in her oeuvres. A starting point for this strategy is the series “Holidays” from 2014, where she photographed herself with an iron at the marshalling yard of Fos Coussoul in Fos-sur-Mer, France. In doing so, she questions the influence of domestic work on the female emancipation. The photo “Allez viens ! on part en vacances.” (Come on! we are going on holiday.) from this series is our artwork of the month in January 2022.

Subsequently, Amélie inquired inter alia about her feelings after a passed relationship, motherhood and her efforts to do unpleasant tasks. Her travels and residencies influence her research about the significance of femininity for herself and in the society. During her residence at the island of Groix she integrated the landscape and the discovered traces of civilisation. A performance with a fire at the beach was the conclusive intervention. Travelling alone through Poland, she photographed herself in the hotel rooms where she stayed. The outcome of her investigation was on view in many personal and group exhibitions, mainly in France, but also in Italy, Belgium and Canada. Her next solo show “Vous Voyagez seule ?” (Are you traveling alone?) opens at the 6th of January 2022 in the Galerie ARti in Marseille, France.

Amélie lives and works in Lissieu, France.


Artwork of the Month / January 2022