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Ainelén Bertotti Burket

Born in 1994 in Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe, Argentina, Ainelén studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR – National University of Rosario), after a childhood and adolescence characterised by an intensive musical and artistic education. She learned classical and folk dance, modelling porcelain, drawing and oil painting. At the age of 14, she joined in a singing class with Nélida Duarte de Sobrero.

When Ainelén moved for her studies to Rosario in 2012, she attended in parallel the workshop “Gouache and Glaze” with Fernando Rossia. In addition, she worked as exhibition guide at the Fundación Osde, which allowed her to approach numerous artists and historical and contemporary artworks. Also, she started to participate in numerous group exhibitions in town and was – with two cooperating artists – selected to represent the province of Santa Fe at the XX Bienal Internacional de Esculturas in Resistencia, Chaco. A year later, in 2013, the same team was chosen for the XX Bienal de Escultura in Oberá, Misiones and recognised with a “First Mention”. Her three years artistic education at the university was crowned by her first solo exhibition “Inefable” in the Casa de Buenos Aires.

In 2015, Ainelén started to work as singer and performed vocal accompaniments for various renowned musicians like Gonzalo Aloras, Willy Crook and Andres Beewsaert. In the same year, she met Mariel Fornasari in the engraving department. Together they founded the “Proyecto Quarta Dimensione”, to create three-dimensional installations from two-dimensional prints. Herewith the artists want to attract the observer’s perception to open it for an awareness of a fourth dimension.

The success of the project – and particularly the preparation for the XI. Florence Biennale – forced Ainelén to abandon the management of “Moebius”, which she founded in 2016. This is a still existing multicultural art space in Rosario, with artist workshops and contemporary art exhibitions. Nevertheless, she maintained CIERVO, her in 2016 established furniture brand, where she designs and executes for her trademark. Currently, she also conceives costumes for a film. Self-evident, she continues her personal artistic creations.

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