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2022 revisited


The year 2022 was the year, where life went back to a little bit of normality, even though, there were some reminiscences to the pandemic. However, once more we could travel and appreciate artworks in real. Art fairs reopened and even the postponed Venice Biennale took place.



Appropriate to the longing to travel and the optimistic mood, Amélie Viale invited her iron to go on holidays.



Since it was still difficult to plan live events, this year’s BOOMing Contemporary Art Show in Bologna was held in the virtual space.

But with Irene Kung’s photo “Pingyao” we travelled to China.



Even though Séverine Gambier’s chair at first glance might suggest to have a rest, the inscription on the seat prohibits to sit down. This is justifiable, since the chair is decorated with detailed mosaics, which are fragile and interesting to look at.



In Mad Meg’s monumental drawing “Patriarch n° 1418 – The broken Face” one could discover some of Séverine’s mosaics. This is no surprise, since the two artists worked together.

Finally, the postponed Venice Biennale started on April 23rd. We visited “The Milk of Dreams” and the national pavilions in the Giardini and the Arsenale.



Thyra Schmidt reflected in “Körper” (Body/Bodies), a text-based artwork in two pieces, about proximity and distance, alienation and absence. Hence, about experiences most people felt during the pandemic.Instead in January, the Bolognese art fair “Arte Fiera” and with it, the Art City took place in May. We visited some of the numerous shows and gave 12 Tips.

After the closing of the Arte Fiera, several exhibitions in town stayed open for a while. 14 of these venues, we presented in an additional article.



Afterwards, we reviewed the Arte Fiera with its 142 galleries.

At the art fair, we met Fiona Annis and made her work “A portion of that which was once everything (De-siderare II)” artwork of the month.



In July, slowly began the holiday season in Italy. Even several artworks travelled from Bologna to the seaside. They were presented in the exhibition “Padiglione Bologna” in Marina di Ravenna.

Moreover, we reminded the first six artworks of the month of the current year.



Despite the summer break, we had two articles about the Venice Biennale “A female look at the world” and in a second part the artists approach to “Nature and Technology”.



With “superficie #3 (surface #3)Rossana Taormina visualised traces, which the time left on an urban pavement.



In her series “Someone to Love” (1988-2011) Cristina Nuñez explored herself and her history. One of the resulting photos “Edith Piaf” was our October artwork of the month.



Glenda León enabled us with her installation to listen to the moon. This artwork is not only to appreciate visually and audibly, but also the bystander could get involved to create sound.



The thirteen white round candles by Valeria Vaccaro refer to time and the contrast between the material of the artwork and the featured objects.


Thank you for following us in 2022. We hope you’ll be our guest again in 2023!