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Bologna is at the Seaside!

Padiglione Bologna

2 – 31 July 2022

Galleria FaroArte
Largo Walter Magnavacchi 6
Marina di Ravenna

Fridays 21 h – 23 h
Sat-Sun 16 h – 19:30 h

The summer season has already started and the cities empty. People are fleeing the hot centres to take a break in the colder mountains or at the seaside. Generations with different backgrounds are mixing here to enjoy the summer. This year, artworks by Bolognese emulated the holidaymakers and went to the seaside. Under the title “Padiglione Bologna” (Pavilion Bologna), the curator Sandro Malossini gathered forty artworks from artists operating in the capital of the region Emilia-Romagna, all presented at the Galleria FaroArte in Marina di Ravenna. They are coming from different generations and have various approaches. The “oldest” artists started their career already in the 1950s and 60s, others are mid-agers and there are some young but emerging artists.

However, the most part of the presented artworks are dating from the beginning 21st century or even from the 2020s. There are only some rare exceptions. Dominant in the exhibitions are two- or relief creations, but there are also several sculptures. There are various materials and techniques, starting from classic panel paintings (Aurelio Bulzatti: Uomo palazzo, 2021) and sculptures (Adriano Avanzolini: Memoria, 2008). Frequently the artists employed mixed media, like Antonella Cinelli (Fantasmatica #1, 2022) who added brass to her oil painting with a surprising effect. Betty Zanelli (Porta a sud, 2022) modifies her photographs with inserted collages and Marina Gasparini (Picasso domestique, 2020) uses various supports and assemblages. Bruno De Angelis’ “Sistema distopico – L’invariable silenzio” from 2022 seems to be a classical relief, but he uses cardboard and paints it with synthetic cementite. More surprisingly is Mauro Mazzali’s “Terra degli avi” from 2007. This relief looks like a heavy stone composition. However, it is light and soft made from silicone rubber. There are many other artworks to discover. Easy to be overlooked is Chiara Pergola’s “Passanti in corner” from 2019, directly at the entrance. So, if you are in the region, take your time to have a break from the sea and the sun and discover Bolognese artists at the seaside and enjoy your holidays!

The exhibition is promoted by the Associazione Capit Ravenna in collaboration with Pro Loco Marina di Ravenna, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna, under the patronage of the Comune di Ravenna Assessorato alla Cultura, Regione Emilia-Romagna. The Centro Stampa of the Region Emilia-Romagna has printed the nice catalogue.






Marco Ara, Armenia Panfolklorica, Philippa Armstrong, Adriano Avanzolini, Bruno Benuzzi, Pinuccia Bernardoni, Maurizio Bottarelli, Aurelio Bulzatti, Luigi Capizzi, Mirta Carroli, Walter Cascio, Antonella Cinelli, Alberto Colliva, Roberto Costa, Bruno De Angelis, Daniele Degli Angeli, Francesco Finotti, Alfonso Frasnedi, Marina Gasparini, Anna Girolomini, Tatsunori Kano, Gabriele Lamberti, Lucia Lamberti, Massiel Leza, Mauro Mazzali, Alessandro Moreschini, Nanni Menetti, Maurizio Osti, Vale Palmi, Stefano W. Pasquini, Gianni Pedullà, Chiara Pergola, Rossella Piergallini, Leonardo Santoli, Vincenzo Satta, Stefano Teglia, Fabio Torre, Betty Zanelli, Irene Zangheri, Giorgio Zucchini