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Galleries reopened: Meeting with good old friends

Since the 18 May 2020, the Italian galleries are allowed to reopen after the shutdown due to the corona-crisis. However, people can be received only upon appointment and have to wear a facemask. Opening receptions are still not allowed. Additionally, the international transport of artworks is still difficult. Despite these difficulties, the galleries continue to… (read more)

Bologna in autumn 2019: Quite a lot to see!

After the summer break, there are various new exhibitions in Bologna on view. There are different artists with diverse techniques and subjects. Nevertheless, the exhibitions have in common that they invite to pause and to contemplate the objects to discover them deeply.   Goethe-Zentrum: Bauhaus Reloaded 1919-2019: Architettura Bauhaus 1919-1933 Spazio Testoni: Human Places Magma… (read more)

2016 revisited

  In the twelve months, we presented artworks of the month by artists from seven different countries. Besides Italy, Germany and France, we were happy to present creations from Switzerland, Cuba, Guatemala and Spain. Furthermore, we reviewed numerous exhibitions and visited new exhibition spaces in Bologna. We have been at four Italian art fairs and… (read more)

Exhibition: Piero Manai – Luigi Presicce, Autoritratto con maschere 1899

(Piero Manai – Luigi Presicce, Self-portrait with masks 1899) Galleria De’Foscherari Via Castiglione 2b, Bologna 31 March 2016 – 31 May 2016 Two artists, Piero Manai (1951 – 1988) and Luigi Presicci (born 1976) were inspired by the same painting: “Self-portrait with masks” by James Ensor from 1899. Between the executions of the works… (read more)