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Galleries reopened: Meeting with good old friends

Since the 18 May 2020, the Italian galleries are allowed to reopen after the shutdown due to the corona-crisis. However, people can be received only upon appointment and have to wear a facemask. Opening receptions are still not allowed. Additionally, the international transport of artworks is still difficult. Despite these difficulties, the galleries continue to support their artists, as they have done during the closure with different digital projects. Moreover, they want to renew their contact to the public and give the possibility to contemplate artworks in real life, not only virtually.


GALLERY TO GALLERY: Individual Tours

Galleria Enrico Astuni: S.p.A.A. Società per Azioni Artistiche

Galleria de’Foscherari: Michele Zaza – Cosmic Secret

CAR DRDE: Elia Cantori – Shadow in process

Galleria Studio G7: Chiaroscuro

Otto Gallery: #ArtArchiveShow

Gallleriapiù: estetica con conseguenze

P420: E subito riprende il viaggio

AF Gallery: nero e più nero

Galleria B4: Detriti di banalità quotidianita

Magma Gallery: Someone is watching you

MTN: Sabrina Munzi: Intramondo


To underline their presence and respond to the new situation, six Bolognese galleries have started the project GALLERY TO GALLERY. People are invited to contact their reference gallery. This gallery will propose a private guided tour in its own exhibition and arrange visits in the partner galleries, according to the expectation and the time of the visitor. So they turn the inconvenience of the circumstances into an advantage. The new format permits an individual contact to the professionals, an intense exchange about the artworks and last, but not least, the perception is not disturbed by other visitors as often is the case in overcrowded openings.


For the restart, three galleries continue to present the prolonged exhibitions from before the lockdown. But they will soon be replaced by new shows. Still visible is “S.p.A.A. Società per Azioni Artistiche” at the Galleria Enrico Astuni. The new show “Vado al massimo. Cronache dall’Italia postmoderna” will be on view from 20 June 2020. The Galleria de’ Foscherari continues with Michele Zaza’s solo exhibition “Cosmic Secret” and CAR DRDE is back with Elia Cantori’s “Shadow in process” until 27 June 2020. In visiting or revisiting the shows, you have the possibility to appreciate these artworks, perhaps with a new glance due to the changed daily life.

The Studio G7 pursues this idea to review oeuvres created before the crises. To underline the difference of virtual contemplation to the direct, the exhibition “Chiaroscuro” starts with a first contact to the show via a screen. Afterwards, it is possible to view the works in real and to discover how relevant and up-to-date they are, even though they were created years ago. The artworks are dating from 1971 to 2018 and the artists are Bill Beckley, Gregorio Botta, Daniela Comani, Franco Guerzoni, Eduard Habicher, Jacopo Mazzonelli and Mariateresa Sartori, to be appreciated until 18 September.

Also the Otto Gallery reflects on its past in presenting oeuvres of their longstanding artists. Following up the Instagram campaign “#ArtArchive” during the shutdown, which offered installation views of past exhibitions, the “#ArtArchiveShow” allows until 31 July to meet again real works by Per Barclay, Luca Caccioni, Luigi Carboni, Gianni Dessì, Giuseppe Gallo, Marco Gastini, Franco Guerzoni, Luigi Mainolfi, Davide Mancini Zanchi, Piero Pizzi Cannella, Marco Tirelli and Silvio Wolf. The Otto Gallery wants to renew the confidence into the future and the restart referring its fundaments.

Even though also glancing at past projects, the Gallleriapiù has taken a more interactive way. With “estetica con conseguenze” the visitor has not only the possibility to re-encounter “good old friends”, but can chose which ones to see. Since 3 June, the public is invited to select artworks via internet from Apparatus 22, Pauline Batista, Marco Ceroni, Matteo Cremonesi, Debora Delmar, Gaia Fugazza, Gluklya, Ann Hirsch, Yves Scherer, Ivana Spinelli and Emilio Vavarella. These oeuvres will be arranged progressively until 24 July. Restarting with an empty showroom, a new oeuvre appears every day in the gallery. This increasing installation can not only be followed and commented at the art space. It is also accessible via social media as an invitation to contemplate the artworks. Wanted is a communication as a larger reflection on the system, the marked and the historic moment, which we are living in these times. By this enlargement, also the public who can’t join Bologna in these days can be part of the project.

Besides these galleries, others are reopened with new exhibitions. P420 wants to restart the journey rapidly. Therefore, they resumed their past activity with oeuvres by Helene Appel, Riccardo Baruzzi, Irma Blank, Adelaide Cioni, John Coplans, June Crespo, Milan Grygar, Rodrigo Hernández , Paolo Icaro, Piero Manai, Stephen Rosenthal, Joachim Schmid, Alessandra Spranzi and Goran Tbuljak. Once again, it is a re-encounter with good old friends. “E subito riprende il viaggio” is open until 31 July.

Beyond this, there are four more exhibitions, which we didn’t see yet. The AF Gallery shows with “nero e più nero” artists presented by the gallery and others. On view are works by Sergia Avveduti, Nanni Balestrini, Vincenzo Cabiati, Amedeo Martegani, Fabio Mauri, Marco Neri, Luca Pancrazzi, Stefano Peroli and Gilberto Zorio, all around the colour or non-colour black.


For its new exhibition, the Galleria B4 invited five photographers to reflect under the title “Detriti di banalità quotidianita” on debris of every day banalities. The images by Marco Cavazza, Laura Frasca, Lodovico Pignatti Morano, Stefano Questorio and Tatiana “ttnpl” Polo are visible until 31 July. 


The Magma Gallery also relies on already represented artists: Franco Fasoli and the artist duo Hell’O. In the show “Someone is watching you” the bright colourful paintings carry the visitor off into a surreal universe. (until 11 July)


Whereas Sabrina Muzi’s vegetal forms are mixing up with the real world, because they are installed on the windows of the MTN (Museo Temporaneo Navile). “Intramondo” is the first exhibition of this format. The artworks are visible from inside and outside, to facilitate the compliance of the current distance regulations. (until 29 August)


Many other galleries are also reopened with old or new exhibitions. To restart and re-meet known artworks or discover new ones in real life and not only virtually, you should contact your preferred gallery. Your gallerist will be happy to get in touch again.