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ArtworkS of the month – the first six of 2020

Like every year, the month of July is dedicated to the first six artworks of the month of the running year, to thank all artists for their support. Until now, we had oeuvres starting from classic panel painting over photography to photo collage and a video. Moreover, there was a glass-sculpture and an installation.


Even though Kelly Reemtsen uses the classic technique of panel painting, her picture “Buzz” for the month of January surprises with an unusual choice of the picture section and a combination of feminine outfit and a brachial tool.




For the month of February, Donatella Lombardo reflects with her installation “Rimediazioni Analogiche” on the theory of “Remediation”, which assumes the incorporation or representation of one medium in another one.





In March, Silvia Levenson points with her glass-sculpture “Love” to the often enough ignored domestic violence. This hypocrisy of the social environment leaves the victims alone and isolated.





Also Elena Franco deals with her artwork of the month of April “Imago Pietatis” with love. However, she glances to Christian charity in reviewing the Historical Archive of the Mount of piety from Bologna. Even though using an old historic source, her digital photo collage refers also to modern art creations.




Patricia Jacomella Bonola’s “Au Coucher du soleil” functions on first glance like a still life, but it is a video, where time is passing extremely slowly. While the title suggests a romantic sunset, this natural phenomenon remains invisible and the main actors are the containers of the cargo ship traveling from Genoa to Newark.




Somehow, Anna di Prospero continues the story, in portraying herself and her family after her sojourn in New York. For the month of June, we have chosen her “Self-portray with my mother” which illustrates the intimate relationship between the two women.




Now we hope you are doing well and that you can enjoy your summer and will be back with us in September when we present a new artwork of the month.