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Artwork of the Month / March 2022

Sauve qui peut (la vie) (Save who can (the life)) Séverine Gambier 2016 Ancient porcelain and faience plates, Italian glass paste, pearls, beans, glass flowers, resin and patina on a wooden chair 93 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm The sculpture “Sauve qui peut (la vie)” (Save who can (the life)) by Séverine Gambier,… (read more)

Exhibition: Paolo Bufalini – Metamorfosi

9 – 12 June 2016 Porto dell’Arte via del Porto 34, Bologna The exhibition title “Metamorphoses” is in a double sense coherent: it is the name of the presented artwork by Paolo Bufalini, but is as well valuable for the exhibition space. “Metamorphoses”, as installation, consists of two white spheres facing each other. The… (read more)