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Artwork of the Month / November 2021

The Egg Triptych Amandine Urruty 2015 210 cm x 100 cm Graphite on paper With the drawing “The Egg Triptych”, Amandine Urruty takes us on a voyage in her imaginary world, which might be amusing or even scary. In every part of the triptych, there is a main protagonist in a phantasy landscape, surrounded by… (read more)

Artissima 2016 – Impressions

Artissima Art Fair 4 – 6 November 2016 Torino, Italy       Main Section [Show slideshow]   New Entries [Show slideshow]   Dialogue [Show slideshow]   Present Future [Show slideshow]   Back to the Future [Show slideshow]   In Mostra – corpo.gesto.postura [Show slideshow]  

Artwork of the month / April 2015

« Les joueuses de Cartes » (The card players) Margaret Michel 2006 Table: 113 cm x 100 cm x 60 cm Chairs: 125 cm x 48 cm x 42 cm Two wooden chairs, one wooden table, two electric engines, batteries, inverter, acetate A table, two chairs, all a little bit antiquated, made from wood. What… (read more)