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Artwork of the month / January 2020

Buzz Kelly Reemtsen 2017 Oil on panel 111,76 cm x 111,76 cm The painting “Buzz” by Kelly Reemtsen, shows a woman in a delicate dusky pink summer dress in front of a white background. She is holding a chainsaw in her left hand. Besides the unusual combination of a fine feminine outfit and brachial tool,… (read more)

Artwork of the month / April 2015

« Les joueuses de Cartes » (The card players) Margaret Michel 2006 Table: 113 cm x 100 cm x 60 cm Chairs: 125 cm x 48 cm x 42 cm Two wooden chairs, one wooden table, two electric engines, batteries, inverter, acetate A table, two chairs, all a little bit antiquated, made from wood. What… (read more)