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In memory of Maria Rebecca Ballestra: “5 minutes free zone”

In memory of the recently deceased Maria Rebecca Ballestra, we republish our article about “5 minutes free zone”, which was Artwork of the month in October 2015. Rebecca conceived the installation in cooperation with Lucia Palmero to point at the situation of emergency in Ventimiglia, the Italian frontier town at the border to France, where… (read more)

2015 revisited

  Due to our moving to Italy, we only restarted our activities in January 2015. With this the focus is not only on art in public space, but changed more to report on exhibitions and presentation of international artists via the artwork of the month. First we published only on our Facebook website. However, since… (read more)

Artwork of the month / October 2015

“5 minutes free zone” Rebecca Ballestra & Lucia Palmero 2015 Dimensions variable Solar parasol, 2 iPhones, 1 external hard disk, 2 headphones Films: Statements: 52 sec, 1 min 18 sec Documentary: Alessandro Camillo for, 30th June 2015, “Notti di frontiera Ventimiglia – Internazionale” (Night at the frontier in Ventimiglia – Intenational), 3 min 15 sec… (read more)