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Artwork of the month / February 2020

Rimediazioni Analogiche (Analogue Remediation) Donatella Lombardo   2015 Installation, mixed media 145 cm x 90 cm x 40 cm (support included)   Donatella Lombardo’s installation “Rimediazioni Analogiche (Analogue Remediation)” is a red merchantable typewriter, type Olivetti Valentine with a long white panel of cloth coming out of the platen-roller. Digitally printed on the cloth are… (read more)

Bologna ART CITY 2020 – 13 Proposals

In these days, the Bolognese art week started. Besides the traditional Arte Fiera, Italy’s oldest enduring art fair, there are many collateral events throughout the city and around. This year’s program of the ART CITY is once more larger than in the preceding years. There are 22 main projects and a special one, coordinated by… (read more)

Artwork of the month / February 2017

Partitura n.1 (Score Nr. 1) Donatella Lombardo 2016 Digital print on linen, needles, coloured thread, bobbins, plexiglass, adhesive paper, polyurethane padding, threaded screws 48 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm incl. 3 bobbins The base of “Partitura n.1” by Donatella Lombardo is an upholstered segmental arch, with a white linen surface. Printed on it… (read more)