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Artwork of the month / July 2017

Kompliment (Compliment) Kirsten Klöckner 11 cm x 15 cm 1999 Mirror, engraved Edition: unlimited, numbered, signed If our last artwork of the month by Lourdes de la Riva was ephemeral, the artwork of this month is all but volatile. Nevertheless, it isn’t locatable at a certain place, due to its conception as multiple. Kirsten Klöckner… (read more)

The Venice Biennale 2017: three national participations considering space

13 May – 26 November 2017 In our first article, we focussed on the structure of the main exhibition “VIVA ARTE VIVA” of the 57. Biennale di Venezia. Now we like to present three of the 86 National Participations that refer in one or the other way to space.   British Pavilion Phyllida Barlow: folly… (read more)

L’orMa: Alla ricerca della sorprendente bellezza – At the research of the surprising beauty

L’orMa (in civil life Lorenzo Mariani), is a young emerging Italian artist, living and working in Milan. In January 2016 he won the Premio Gruppo Euromobil – Under 30 at the Bolognese art fair ARTE FIERA. Later in the year, the Arteam Cup, honoured him in the category “Over 30”. Part of this prize was an… (read more)

The Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna – a hidden gem opens to the public

From the outside, the Palazzo Pallavicini is rather inconspicuous: bricks and arcades are no rarity in Bologna. Only the size and the prominent balcony are giving a hint that the building might have some importance. Many Bolognese people and visitors might have passed thoughtless. They will be surprised to learn about the inside and the… (read more)

Artwork of the month / June 2017

Busca una pista, inventa la historia (Search a track, invent history) Lourdes de la Riva 3,50 m x 4,70 m 2016 Remains of small sections of paper books perforated by the moths and attached to the wall The mural collage “Busca una pista, inventa la historia” (Search a track, invent history) from 2016 by Lourdes… (read more)

Gelateria Sogni Di Ghiaccio: Family Matters – AUMAI

24 – 27 Mai 2017 Via Tanari Vecchia 5/a Bologna In May 2017, the artist-run art space “Gelateria Sogni Di Ghiaccio” in Bologna presented the group exhibition “Family Matters”. For this purpose, eleven Bolognese artists from different generations reflected the subject in their means of artistic expression. However, the concept of “Family matters”… (read more)

57. Biennale di Venezia: “VIVA ARTE VIVA”

13 May – 26 November 2017 On Saturday the 13th of May the 57th Biennale of Venice opened. The artistic director Christine Macel united 120 artists from 51 countries for the main exhibition under the title “VIVA ARTE VIVA” subdivided in nine sections. Moreover, there are 86 National Participations in the historic Pavilions at the… (read more)

Art Cologne 2017: 50 years art fair in the Rhineland

26 – 29 April 2017   Founded in 1967 by two Cologne based gallerists Hein Stünke and Rudolf Zwirner, the Art Cologne is considered as the world’s oldest still existing art fair. Despite its changeful history regarding the name and the location, the Art Cologne celebrated this year its 50th birthday. Originally called “Kölner Kunstmarkt”… (read more)

Artwork of the month / May 2017

Coups de Mains (Helping Hands) Margaret Michel 100 cm x 50 cm x 40 cm 2006 Non rip nylon, aluminium, wire, fish wire   The “Coups de Mains” (Helping Hands) by Margaret Michel are a monumental sculpture with an ephemeral character, since they are conceived to be presented outside, but not as a long-term installation…. (read more)

Paolo Ghilardi, Marcello Morandini, Alberto Zilocchi: Three artists from the international workgroup for constructive art

In its last year’s spring exhibition the gallery Spazio Testoni in Bologna presented the works of the Italian neo-constructivist Alberto Zilocchi (1931-1991). It was his first post mortem solo show. This year the gallery rediscovered a companion of Zilocchi, Paolo Ghilardi (1930-2014). However, if that would not be enough, Paola Veronese from Spazio Testoni and… (read more)