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Arte City 2019 – Poesy from heaven and the underground and in between the two

In the following, there are three main projects on focus. Leandro Erlich fetched some clouds down from the sky and Michele Spanghero invited to a cinematic sound installation in a subterranean historic movie theatre. Eduard Habicher showed the lightweight of steel.   Leandro Erlich: Collection de Nuages Michele Spanghero: AGAIN ANEW – Before the film… (read more)

Arte City 2019: What the future brings …

The new exhibition space DAS opened at the right time for the Arte City. Its first exhibition showed contemporary local and international artists, some with a glance to what might be upcoming in this place. Guido Segni at Adiacenze considered how artworks could be conceived in the era of automation of work. Rob Chavasse focussed… (read more)

Arte City 2019: Exclusion, Inclusion, Disturbance

Betty Zanelli: Transboundary #4 – CobaltoLab Giovanni de Gara: Eldorato – Aula Magna of the University of Bologna Fabrizio Tartari: 20019 – L’Altro Spazio Adrian, George, Peter, Sofia e Tamina – P420 Débora Delmar: Stressed, blessed and coffee obsessed – Gallleriapiù   Betty Zanelli: Transboundary #4 CobaltoLab Via Guerrazzi 10/d, Bologna 2 – 23… (read more)

What happened during the Arte City 2019 in Bologna?

Bologna’s Arte City 2019 had just ended. Fortunately, some exhibitions still remain open for a while. Overall, there were over 100 events mentioned in the official programme of the Institution Bologna Musei, thereof 17 curated projects and a special event. This was the performance “les gens d’Unterpan”, where the audience was invited to participate. Moreover,… (read more)

Artwork of the month / February 2019

Untitled (Series Fata Morgana) Alessia Rollo 2015 Print on RC paper matt Edition of 7 + 2 PA, 100 cm x 60 cm Alessia Rollo’s photo from the series Fata Morgana shows illuminated greenhouses in totally dark surroundings. They are positioned on the horizontal axis in the middle of the image plane. It is not… (read more)

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair 2019: Going to Ithaca

For the 7th edition the SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, around Simona Gavioli had chosen the theme “Ithaca”. 25 galleries, thereof four non-Italian, presented artworks with a focus on the mystical island, home of Odysseus, before and after his 20 years enduring absence, described by Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey. By his journeys, the… (read more)

10 proposals for the Arte City 2019 in Bologna

Traditionally, the end of January and the first days in February in Bologna, Italy, are dominated by a huge offer of artistic events. This year, more and more exhibitions started earlier, so that we can talk of a real art week around the oldest Italian art fair. Besides the ARTE FIERA (1 – 4 February… (read more)

Artwork of the month / January 2019

Bucket & Reflection Cally Lotz 2018 Oil on linen 41 cm x 31 cm The oil painting “Bucket & Reflection” by the Australian painter Cally Lotz shows, as the title indicates, a bucket with reflections. Depicted in a photorealistic manner, the artist placed the metal pail at the right picture half, on a bright support…. (read more)

2018 revisited

  January     We started 2018 with the diptych “Ouagadougou/New York” by Joana Choumali, where the artist from the Ivory Coast, reflects about the impact of migration in the home and the arrival countries.     Moreover, we visited the exhibition “Art x Cuba. Contemporary Perspectives since 1989” in the Aachen Ludwig Forum für… (read more)

Artwork of the month / December 2018

Garage Still #10/2014 Jacquie Maria Wessels 2014 Analogue C-print Edition of 6, 120 cm x 120 cm Edition of 10, 70 cm x 70 cm The photography “Garage Still #10/2014” by Jacquie Maria Wessels shows a table with an open red box on it. There are objects – more or less identifiable – in front… (read more)