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Hannes Norberg: 27 – A Voyage into extraordinary Landscapes

The German artist Hannes Norberg travels and explores the world and also collects samples of typography. Graphically modified, enlarged and arranged in space, he photographed the samples in natural light. In September 2020, he designed and published a book with 27 new photographs of these silent conversations of characters on paper. Obviously, the main protagonists… (read more)

Artwork of the month / April 2016

Landschaft (Landscape) Betty Zanelli 2014 50 x 90 cm Pigment print on Epson Canvas Satin – Ed. 1/5   A lonely footpath leads into bushes. A half-height nature stonewall frames the woods on the left side. Low shrubs on the right provide the view to a Ferris wheel. Despite the grey and cloudy sky, some… (read more)