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2023 revisited


With our Artworks of the Month 2023, we had an unintentional focus on photography, though, there also were collages, a sculpture, an installation and a sculptural installation. The presented artists reflected on nature, urbanity, architecture and much more. Besides that, we visited numerous exhibitions of national and international artists.



We started the year with a photo by Alessia Rollo, which shows the preparations for an enormous bonfire in Novoli, Apulia. This “Focara” is a regional tradition in honour of Anthony the Abbot, held every year on January the 16th.



In February, Anne-Laure Wuillai focussed on water from the Mediterranean Sea, by enclosing it in plastic bags and creating a sculptural installation of it.

Moreover, we presented the highlights of the rich accompanying program to the Arte Fiera in Bologna ART CITY.



Chiara Dynys offered with “Rubik Cube” our Artwork of the Month. As the title indicates there is once again a cube. However, it is very different from the one in January.

It was presented at the Arte Fiera (the Bolognese Art Fair), which had much more eye-catchers.



With the photo “Fringe Nature #12/2017, Sri LankaJacquie Maria Wessels allowed us a glance to nature reconquering an urban space.

Also at the MIA Fair 2023, the Milan Image Fair allowed new insights into nature, especially on trees, but also on architecture and other subjects.



After an unavoidable break in May, we were back in June with a new Artwork of the Month by Marina Paris. The collage did not take us to Latin America as the title “Fiume dell’Amazzonia” (River of the Amazon) might suggest, but in a European urban environment, not without surprises.



In July we looked back at the first five Artworks of the Month from 2023.



Summer Break



The gaze out of a window captured by Elena Franco enabled us to go back in time. “Ars Curandi, Beaune” shows the architectural ensemble of the historic Hospices de Beaune, with its colourful rooftops.



In October we had once again an architectural photography. However, “Fans” by Antonella Sacconi features a part of a contemporary building.

October was also the month of many exhibitions. First, we visited five autumn shows in galleries in Bologna and Florence.

Later we appreciated the two times four exhibitions in occasion of the 19th Day of the Contemporary in Italy.



Even though based on photography, Katia Miranda’s “Public Phones” is a collage on canvas with painting and cutouts. The work arose from a reflection on non-spaces.

The VI Biennale of Photography on Industry and Work had the subject “Game”. In 12 exhibitions international artists had various approaches on the game industry and playing.



For the end of the year, we had an enigmatic glance on and into an oversized keyhole. Marie Cagnasso’s ceramic is entitled “L’Enfer c’est … – La force du détail : La Serrure” (Hell is … – The force of the detail: The Keyhole), which makes the sculpture even more mysterious.


Thank you for following us in 2023. We hope you’ll be again our guest in 2024!