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ArtworkS of the Month: The first five of 2023

Exceptionally, this year we had only five Artworks of the Month before the summer break. Still, we would like to remind them and thank the artists for their support.





In January, we started with the photo “Il Santo che brucia” (The Burning Saint) by Alessia Rollo from her series “Parallel Eyes”, where the artist focussed ancient practices in the south of Italy.



With her sculptural installation “Hyper Conditionnement – Gabion 50 cm³” (Hyper-Packaging – Gabion 50 cm³) Anne-Laure Wuillai pointed at the qualities of water, its fragile situation but also its poetry.



Chiara Dynys also dealt with one of our essential elements: light and fire as its source. The installation “Rubik Cube” is composed of 16 “chimneys” embedded in 14 colour fields.



Jacquie Maria Wessels shows in her photo “Fringe Nature #12/2017, Sri Lanka”, how nature regains space, which before had been occupied by the human civilisation.



Marina Paris creates new spaces with her series “Urban Fragments”. The collage “Fiume dell’Amazzonia” (River of the Amazon) locates the Teatro Massimo from Palermo around the most aqueous river of the earth.



Now we hope you will enjoy your summer and will be back with us in September when we present a new artwork of the month.