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Arte City 2019: Exclusion, Inclusion, Disturbance

The installation “Transboundary #4” by Betty Zanelli seems to treat migratory movements of birds of passage. Nevertheless, it is also about barriers which exclude people. Whereas Giovanni de Gara wants to encourage a reflection about welcoming with “Eldorato”. At the association “L’Altro Spazio” we experienced living inclusion and the artist Fabrizio Tartari. With the exhibition “Adrian, George, Peter, Sofia e Tamina”, the gallery P420 wants to disturb the visitors and at the Gallleriapiù Débora Delmar makes us aware of the dramatic changes from the traditional European coffee-house-culture to the present Coffee-to-go-attitude.


Betty Zanelli: Transboundary #4 – CobaltoLab
Giovanni de Gara: Eldorato – Aula Magna of the University of Bologna
Fabrizio Tartari: 20019 – L’Altro Spazio
Adrian, George, Peter, Sofia e Tamina – P420
Débora Delmar: Stressed, blessed and coffee obsessed – Gallleriapiù


Betty Zanelli: Transboundary #4
Via Guerrazzi 10/d, Bologna

2 – 23 February 2019

In the small shop CobaltoLab, which offers handmade, sustainable clothing, Betty Zanelli installed “Transboundary #4”. Welcomed by birds twittering, there is a group of images of various birds. Accompanied by several maps, it is at first glance a documentation about the migratory movements of birds of passage. The description about these migratory animals, who know no political borders, seem to underline this. Nevertheless, the closer view on the often statistical records reveals that the project is also talking about human migration, highlighted by miniature people in front of huge geographical maps. In opposite to the birds, who freely fly wherever they want, human beings establish insurmountable barriers, more or less visible to exclude the “other” or the “stranger”.


Giovanni de Gara: Eldorato
Ex-church Santa Lucia, today Aula Magna of the University of Bologna
Via Castiglione, Bologna

30 January – 4 February 2019

Giovanni de Gara’s project “Eldorato” has a related purpose. It is his second installation in Bologna and another stop of his voyage through Italy, started in June 2018 at the church San Miniato al Monte in Florence. Since then, he made several installations with golden thermal blankets all over the country. Often interpreted as referring to human migration, the objective is even larger: to encourage a deep reflexion about the subject of welcome towards every individual person, without distinction of race, gender, faith, to give a sign of warmth and salvation.


Fabrizio Tartari: 20019
L’Altro Spazio
Via Nazario Sauro 24f, Bologna

2 – 3 February 2019

The association “L’Altro Spazio” is an example of living inclusion concerning disabled, strangers and everyone who likes to be included. Accordingly, the works by Fabrizio Tartari have as key point, to show fantasy forms and bizarre characters. Due to his paintings, with his expressive tendencies he might be considered as outsider, like the protagonists of the so-called naïve art. Nevertheless, several got famous, once discovered. Apart from that, Fabrizio’s creations, particularly when applied as serigraphy on cloth or ceramics have a high graphic design potential. The team of the creative laboratory Marakanda from the cooperative Open Group, who accommodates intellectual disabled people, curated the exhibition. Part of the event was also a painting-collage, which was extended by children during their stay.


Adrian, George, Peter, Sofia e Tamina
Via Azzo Gardino 9, Bologna

31 January – 30 March 2019

Conceived to be a disturbing exhibition and to cause a slight headache, the gallery P420 presented five artists coming from five different geographical backgrounds. Each of them has his/her own story and battle with form. They all have in common to work process-based, with the result that the paintings are more than image-based representations, but refer to the creative practise behind. Even though they are all paintings, the subjects, the techniques and the approaches are very divers. Nevertheless, the premise of the white cube and the hanging have a unifying function without hiding the contrasts.
Artists: Adrian Buschmann (Katowice, PL), George Rouy (Sittingbourne, UK), Peter Shear (Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, US), Sofia Silva (Padova, IT) & Tamina Amadyar (Kabul, AFG)


Débora Delmar: Stressed, blessed and coffee obsessed
Via del Porto48 a/b, Bologna

31 January – 30 March 2019

Also the exhibition at the Gallleriapiù by Débora Delmar, has something disturbing, if not, by the title, “Stressed, blessed and coffee obsessed“. It describes in few words the effects of our contemporary competitive society. Entering the space, modified pictures of coffeehouses around the world reminding the way from traditional European coffeehouse culture to a lifestyle product. Originally, a place of artistic and intellectual exchange, coffee bars became fashioned consumer spaces. This development is underlined by the neon chandelier “Coffee Coffee Coffeeeeeeeeee”. “Exclusive Providers” – stacked plastic chairs – indicate, that there is no more place linger. The coffee paper cubs in a row on the floor go even further. With the “Coffee-to-go”, there is no need to rest.


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