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SetUp Contemporary Art Fair 2017

27-29 January 2017 Autostazione di Bologna, Italy Piazza XX Settembre, 6 Theme: Equilibrio (Balance) The theme of this year’s SetUp Contemporary Art Fair was “Equilibrio” (Balance). Inspired to that issue were the two founders of SetUp – Simona Gavioli (President) and Alice Zannoni (Director) – by a quote of Søren Kierkegaard: “Osare è perdere… (read more)

Exhibition: Giovanna Caimmi “Il male degli Ardenti”

22 April – 28 May 2016 ABC-Arte Bologna Cultura Via Alessandrini 11, Bologna curator: Beatrice Buscaroli exhibition design: Fausto Savoretti   “Il male degli Ardenti” is one of the Italian synonyms for the disease Ergotism. In the Middle Ages it was a feared illness, caused by a fungus that lives as parasite on cereals plants, especially… (read more)

Fiume: A promenade at the river

Entering the exhibition “Fiume” (River) there are black and white photos at first sight. They are showing a river bank. Sometimes there is a young woman at the shore, wrapped in a white woollen lace shawl. She is alone with the nature.   Besides there are, in a row of three, smaller coloured diapositives, projected… (read more)

The SetUp Contemporary Artfair 2016

          29-31 January 2016 Autostazione di Bologna, Italy Piazza XX Settembre, 6   The SetUp Contemporary Artfair started with its first edition in 2012. So in 2016 it was the fourth release. It was born out of the enthusiasm of the two founders Simona Gavioli (President) and Alice Zannoni (Director) to… (read more)