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Before the White Night 2016


The night before the White Night

Since there is such a big offer of exhibitions and events during the White Night in Bologna, Italy, at the Saturday evening of the Arte Fiera, SetUp Contemporary Art Fair and Art City, several galleries and institutions decided to open their exhibitions a few days earlier. So we want to give you an impression of these shows, which are still ongoing.


One week before the White Night, on Saturday the 23rd January 2016 opened the Galleria Studio G7 its doors with “Francesco Candeloro: Altri Passaggi” (Other Passages). On show are the latest pieces of the Venetian artist Francesco Candeloro, who works primarily with Plexiglas, to give light the possibility to enter his images and sculptures. In “Altri Passagi” there are urban landscapes and cubes with different inner lives on display, where the external source of light visualizes colours and other elements.



At the same time the Galleria d’Arte Maggiore inaugurated an exhibition of one of the classics of American Pop Art: Robert Indiana curated by Franco and Roberta Calarota. There were well known works like LOVE and AMOR in different variations, which entered into the conscious of our daily life long ago. Beside significant words the numbers are playing an important role in Robert Indiana’s work. There is the possibility to reencounter the installation of numbers, which was shown last year in the exhibition PROPORTIO at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice.



Already since the 16th of January L’Ariete arte contemporanea is showing “Mimmo Paladino: Flores seraphici 1993”. As the gallery is close to the Galleria d’Arte Maggiore we visited it as well. The exhibition presents 15 copperplate engravings by Mimmo Paladino, each coloured with aquarelle. Additionally the limited edition of 25 copies contains a front page in the technique acquaforte and a poem of Giuseppe Conte. The images are inspired by the two volumes of the Flores Seraphici by the Cologne brothers Löffler from 1640/42. They contain 723 depictions of the legendary live of Capuchins who lived in between 1525 and 1612.



The Spazio Testoni also inaugurated on Saturday the 23rd its exhibition “Deep down inside the Color”. Initiated by the cooperation between the Berlin Werkstattgalerie and the Bolognese gallery, it shows paintings by the German Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein and the Italian Ester Grossi. Half a year ago Ester Grossi visited the workshop of Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein to react now in situ directly on the gallery walls to her paintings. Each room is dedicated to a colour that connects these artistically different works.



On Tuesday the 26th January the Instituto di Cultura Germanica/Goethe-Zentrum Bologna (German Culture Institute) opened “Landschaften, Raumschiffe und andere Wunder/Berlin 2015” (Landscapes, Spacecrafts and other Miracles/Berlin 2015). Curated by Alice Rubbini there are photos by the Italian artist Betty Zanelli, which display impressions, taken during her Berlin residency in the Spreepark, ex Kulturpark of East Berlin. The images – some in black and white, some colour pictures and Polaroids – are showing the abandoned amusement park. Betty Zanelli orchestrates the half dilapidated structures like surrealistic paintings: light sources are not to identify or lifeless objects seem to be acting.



The following day the curators Angela Memola and Pascual Jordan invited once again an Italian and a German artist to dialogue through their works. Flux-us at the CUBO Centro Unipol Bologna showed the silent poetic Steinbild (Stone picture) by Mary Bauermeister in opposite to the colourful illuminated and sound accompanied installation Glasswall by Francesca Pasquali, build of 150.000 recyclable plastic cups. From outside, in the courtyard Media Garden the installation .amygdala by fuse* meddle in this conversation. 41 columns with 125.952 LED are showing since 2013 the transfer of data in the internet in real-time.



The exhibition “66|16” at the Galleria Enrico Astuni, curated by Lorenzo Bruni, is more than a single show. Since Friday the 29th January there are inter alia works from Marinus Boezem, Simone Forti, David Medalla, Maurizio Mochetti, Maurizio Nannucci, Malick Sidibé, Michael Snow on display. Despite their different background and approach they have in common that their artistic research went in the 1960s towards a “dematerialization of the art object”. Additionally all the artworks shown from the beginning are made in 1966. To place a parenthesis as prologue and extension by a special project the gallery invited Jonathan Monk. Starting in February new artworks, created by the same and other artists, but in our days, will be added till the end of the exhibition. Moreover there is a programme of talks and events throughout the duration of the exhibition.



Article by Astrid Gallinat


Galleria Studio G7
Via Val D’Aposa 4, Bologna
23 January – 19 March 2016
Francesco Candeloro: “Altri Passaggi”

Galleria d’Arte Maggiore
Via D’Azeglio 15, Bologna
23 January – 31 March 2016
Robert Indiana

L’Ariete arte contemporanea
Via D’Azeglio 42, Bologna
16 January – 16 March 2016
Mimmo Paladino: Flores seraphici 1993

Spazio Testoni
Via D’Azeglio 50, Bologna
16 January – 26 March 2016
Ingeborg zu Schleswig-Holstein & Ester Grossi: Deep down inside the Color

Instituto di Cultura Germanica/Goethe-Zentrum Bologna
Via de’ Marchi 4, Bologna
26 January – 17 February 2016
Betty Zanelli: “Landschaften, Raumschiffe und andere Wunder/Berlin 2015”

CUBO Centro Unipol Bologna
Piazza Sergio Vieira de Mello 3, Bologna
27 January – 16 April 2016
Mary Bauermeister & Francesca Pasquali: Flux-us

Galleria Enrico Astuni
Via Iacopo Barozzi 3/D-E-F, Bologna
29 January – 15 Mai 2016