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ArtworkS of the Month: The first six of 2021

Before the summer-break, we would like to remind our first six artworks of the month of this year. We had photos, one as preparation for a performance, another reflection on history of photography and one made during a performance. Moreover, there was a collagraphy, an ephemeral installation and a sculpture. These artworks, coming from Belgium, Italy and France underline, that even in the difficult times of pandemic and lockdown, artists continued to be creative, partly reflecting on the situation or even taken it as an occasion. With this review, we would like to thank all artists for their support.


The work of Ode De Kort often comprises installations and performances. Before going into action, she considers the arising images by experimenting and recording it via photography, as she had done for “F’OOT N’OTES (A Rehearsal) #5”.




Enclosed during the pandemic, Valentina D’Accardi communicated with her neighbourhood by her artistic means. She became particularly fond of the opposite multi-story building. Therefore, she photographed it at different times of the day and at different seasons. Calling the series “Düsseldorf”, she alludes to the prominent school of photography, besides other referrals.



With her print, “Satyr (No. 3)Véronique Champollion constantly follows her artistic approach of isolating characters of historic artworks to reinterpret them. For the presented work, she was inspired by a fresco in the Chateau of Carros in the south of France. However, for the Satyr-series the artist didn’t rely on her typical techniques like sculpture, painting or collage, but introduced the collagraphy in her oeuvre.



Monique Thibaudin also dealt with the pandemic and its effects. However, her ephemeral installation “Anti-Buste en voyage dans le Sud, pas plus de 1 km” (Anti-Bust travelling in the South, not more than 1 km) is an ironic comment on the situation, expressed with one of her beloved anti-busts.




A huge part of Virginia Zanetti’s work consists of workshops and subsequent performances based on its content. For the project, “The Pillars of the Earth” the world is turned upside down. In the case of our artwork of the month, the photo documents the collective handstands of students close to the monument of Monte Sabbiuno, a memorial to remind the assassination of about 100 partisans.



Greta Schödl benefitted from the additional time at home to pick up the treads from a work she had done in 1978 and created a huge series of various stones inscribed with their names. In the case of our artwork of the month, it is a piece of marble. Accordingly, the Italian word “MARMO” is inscribed repetitively. From the letter “O” filled with gold leaf, arises a kind of vibration, which might create a resonance inside the contemplator.



Now we hope you are doing well and that you can enjoy your summer and will be back with us in September when we present a new artwork of the month.