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Artwork of the month / December 2021

Pickle Factory Tamara Stoffers 2021 Oil on canvas 80 cm x 100 cm The painting “Pickle Factory” by Tamara Stoffers shows three women in a blue tiled room, surrounded by machines. All are wearing red kerchiefs on the head. In the foreground, one woman with a white apron is looking directly to the observer; a… (read more)

Revolutija: from Chagall to Malevich, from Repin to Kandinsky

MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna, Bologna 12 Decemebre 2017 – 13 May 2018 Just in time, at the end of the commemoration of 100 years of the October Revolution, the Bolognese Museum of Modern Art opens the exhibition “Revolutija: from Chagall to Malevich, from Repin to Kandinsky”. Even though, the show is initiated on… (read more)