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Arte Fiera 2018: Ten single booth and impressions

In the following, we will present ten galleries, which attracted our attention by a particular curating of the booth. Some are notable, because of their choice of harmonising artists and others by their orchestration. Furthermore, at the end, there is a photo series of interesting outlooks and remarkable single works.


29 ARTS IN PROGRESS, Milano (Photo)

29 ARTS IN PROGRESS brought black and white photos from the late 1960s to the early 2000s. Many showed stars, like the shots by Greg Gorman and Roberto Masotti. Gian Paolo Barbieri works reminded film stills and Lelli and Masotti photographed theatres. All pictures were linked by the “Neon installations” by Silvia Lelli from the 1970s.


xxs aperto al contemporaneo, Palermo (Photo)

The gallery united two photographers with a different approach. Roberto Rinella makes collages of buildings and street views, whereas Nicoló Quirico prints historical buildings and monuments on collages of ancient books. Nevertheless, the resulting oeuvres give a complementary impression, when together on view.


Maria Livia Brunelli home gallery, Ferrara (Photo)

Not surprisingly the Maria Livia Brunelli home gallery invited into a living space. Though, the exhibitor had not carried one of the two chambers dedicated for curated shows, but the bedroom. On one hand, this is an intimate look at the home gallery. On the other hand, the bedroom is the space, where visitors can discover individually guided the newest proposals. In case of the Arte Fiera, the gallery showed photos by Mario Cresci, Mustafa Sabbagh, Anna Di Prospero and Silvia Camporesi.


Contini Art UK, London (Solo Show)

The London based gallery, presented paintings and sculptures by Robert Indiana. Inspired by the time, when the artist was still named Robert Clark, living in his penthouse studio in New York (1956-64), the booth is a recreation of the living and working space. On view were not only the artist’s oeuvres, but also wagon wheels, metal signs and industrial tools. Moreover, there were plants and Indiana’s early totem sculptures. All these supplements witnessed his lifelong inspirations. In consequence, artistic outcome and artefacts pervaded each other.


ARTEA GALLERY, Milan (Solo Show)

Obviously in contrast to the coloured Robert Indiana Solo Show stands Marcello Morandini’s representation in his typical black and white oeuvre. His graphics, reliefs and sculptures made it difficult for the contemplator to distinguish between two and three-dimensional representations.


artesilva, Seregno (Main Section)

Another colour game provided artesilva. From outside the booth there were coloured paintings by Jorrit Tornquist and inside the white dominated, in particularly by the white monochrome reliefs by Klaus Staudt. Nevertheless, the colour scheme of Gerold Miller – on view beside Staudt – is limited to black, white and grey with some reddish accents.


Ferrarinarte, Legnago (Main Section)

A little bit hidden in a separated chamber, Ferrarinarte exposed light sculptures by Carlo Bernardini. The installation in a darkened room, presented the “Permeable Spaces” from 2009 to 2018, created out of plexiglass and fibre-optic. In the front of the booth were Paolo Masi, Poalo Radi and Emanuela Fiorelli on view.


Spazio Testoni, Bologna (Main Section)

The Bolognese gallery Spazio Testoni united three artists with different techniques in a black painted space. Ester Grossi offered slightly abstract seeming paintings on black ground, but with colour gradients from pastel to glaring. L’orMA created poetic white sculptures out of paper and Mataro da Vergato contributed oeuvres from his digital painting series “Royal Eros”, where apparent jewellery could be discovered as human bodies. Due to the installation, the oeuvres pervaded each other.


kanalidarte, Brescia (Main Section)

Focussed on Italian and international art of the 1960s and 70s, kanalidarte brought Alberto Biasi, Lucio Fontana, Antonio Calderara and others. The booth reminded in its decoration a living room of the period of origin of the exhibited oeuvres with its orange seating group. A wonderful outlook was on Victor Vasarely’s “Sin-Hat-B” on a green wall, framed by Franco Grignani.


MARCOROSSI, Milano, Pietrasanta, Torino, Verona (Main Section)

MARCOROSSI greeted from outside of the booth with the sculptures from The Bounty Killart. Inside communicated an installation by Paolo Ventura with his photo collages and works by Franco Guertoni, Marco Gastini, Luigi Mainolfi, Medhat Shafik and Rune Guneriussen. Depending on the position, there were numerous interesting artistic combinations to discover.




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